tom eaton : music producer
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Information about my music can be found here:


For more than 30 years I've been composing for piano and synthesizer. I still have a huge collection of electronic and acoustic instruments and compose both on spec for clients and for myself when I have time away from helping others make records. In 2016 I released three albums of music, one a compilation of work from the early 90's, and two albums of new ambient/electronic music. More information and audio files can be found at Additional examples of my work including some unreleased demos can heard on Soundcloud

My music has been used by numerous theatre and dance companies, and as underscore for film, meditation cds and excercise videos. The albums have been played on Echoes, Hearts of Space, Star's End and many other national and international ambient/new age radio programs. Both "abendromen and "indesterren" have charted on the ZMR radio chart which tracks new age/instrumental/electronic airplay internationally.

Faorite noisemakers include Roland's JD800, Yamaha's EX5, the Ensoniq VFX, Korg Lambda, and Kawai K5000, Omnisphere and the Fractal Axe-FX.