tom eaton : music producer
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My general tendency as a mix engineer is to create clarity for each element in the mix while shaping a whole picture that takes advantage of a kind of "cinematic" presentation. Depth, imaging, spaciousess and a sense of reality are the things I focus on...always trying to emphasize the emotional content of the performance.

Of course I'm happy to be directed away from my tendencies... I can love murk and wool as much as anyone... and when it's the right approach it can be magical.

About half my mix work is instrumental acoustic music, so my ears are very tuned to the sounds of "real" instruments though I have a deep fondness for synthesizers and electric/electronic textural landscapes.

I am always open to mixing projects that I did not track... and always love hearing other artist's tracks as positive and negative sonic guides. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss having me mix your next project!