tom eaton : music producer
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As a producer, my focus is in the genres of folk, roots (alt-country), and acoustic music and acoustic/electric and pop variations on those themes. I don't do punk, metal, rap... I don't have a clue what those things should sound like. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a specialist. If you drive a Honda you don't take it to the Ford guy, do you?

I typically help solo artists take projects from concept to completion, acting as a co-conspirator for each step along the way. My job varies from record to record-- sometimes I help develop lyrics, sometimes I'm creating hooks, sometimes I'm guiding arrangement choices and form, and sometimes I'm simply hiring the right players.

My job is always in service to the song, which to some degree is in service to the record being made. I like making "concept" records... records that have a through-line and a curve to them.

I believe that good recordings of good performances can actually be made without stress or anxiety, and people who feel oppressed by the typical "studio experience" seem to like my style and setup. Some of them even end up having fun.