tom eaton : music producer
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As an engineer I do everything I can to get out of the way of the artist... to remove the technical process of capturing music from the process of performing it. This philosophy naturally leads towards choosing equipment which is bulletproof and of impeccable quality, so that a take is never taken down by technology.

Great monitoring, and the resulting confidence in what I hear in the control room, allows me to get great sounds quickly and to mix with balances that translate well.

"Strange" practices like using solid copper interconnects and speaker cables prove themselves time and time again as records I make get reviews which speak specifically about "outstanding" sound quality, "spectacular engineering, mixing and mastering"..or my "engineering and mastering might" (not my words!). But more important than what the records sound like is my focus on getting the intent of the artist to come out of the listener's's the thing I take most seriously.