mastering AT sounds & Substance by tom eaton
specializing in ambient, electronic, new age,
and instrumental acoustic music

For 5 years running the ZMR Album of the Year
winner has been mastered by Tom

Tom has been mastering professionally since 2001. work includes multiple ZMR Award winning albums, more than 50 top ten ZMR charting albums, the last five “Album of the Year” winners, and the Grammy nominated “Brothers” album.

“When looking for an engineer/producer, an artist needs to find someone who is a master of their craft, artistically creative, trustworthy, and a pleasure be around. Tom Eaton is all of these and more. He has a remarkable ability to make an artist feel comfortable from the very first notes and is always able to bring out an artist’s best performance. Being an accomplished composer and performer himself, Tom has a thorough understanding of an artist’s musical voice and musical sensibilities, making him a creative and supportive producer that an artist can completely trust. His command of his craft as an engineer is uncanny. Tom is able to create the most stunning sound environments that always bring out the subtlest nuances in the music. It is no surprise that he has mixed and mastered some of the most beautiful records in the genre. Most of all, Tom is a wonderful human being who is always an absolute pleasure to be around. I couldn’t image creating music with anyone else.”

vin downes, Award Winning guitarist & Composer

“I have worked with some of the best recording and mastering engineers in the world in the last 30 years. The thing that separates one from another isn’t MORE knowledge or access to the shiniest equipment – – it is commitment. Tom Eaton is a great engineer by any measure. However, it is his commitment to making every single project he touches excellent that puts him at the top of the list for me. His loving and passionate work on my recording “Kiss The Quiet” was wonderful and he gave me important creative feedback that improved the final product enormously. I am so happy to call Tom a friend but I am truly grateful to be able to collaborate with the rarest of artisans.”

Michael Whalen, Emmy® Award-winning composer, music supervisor and internationally known recording artist.

“I’m thrilled with what you did with my music! Absolutely outstanding! I couldn’t be more pleased! I feel that you really connected with my aesthetic on this, highlighting the subtleties and correcting what I wasn’t able to achieve on my end. On my 1st listen, with pen in hand for corrections/modifications, etc…. and when the album ended not a word written… enough said…”

David Wahler, Award Winning Musician & Composer

Insight and vision? Definitely.
The ability to hear the album as complete? Absolutely.
Impeccable ears? Without a doubt.
Deep skill in the use of today’s amazing studio tools? Mandatory.

“Tom Eaton has all of that, and so very much more. If you want someone to put that sweet deep finish over your hard fought music, to cast it in amber for the ages, he is the MASTER.

That IS why they call it mastering, right???”

Jeff Oster, GRAMMY NOMINEE, Multiple winner ZMR Album of the Year, Best Contemporary Instrumental and Chill/Groove Albums 2X Winner, Independent Music Award (Best New Age Song), member of FLOW

“I’ve been part of released recorded music for 50 years, and certain things have seeped in over this time, one of which is the importance of quality mastering.

Mastering is the last chance to armor your creation, to assure the sonics of your music will sound as great as possible across the widest array of playback systems, including broadcast. A mastering engineer with elite trained ears, taste, and state of the art technology is a necessity. In my experience, Tom Eaton deserves the label…Mastering Engineer.

Tom mastered my last record, and he’s booked to master my new one…so I’m good.”

Eric Scott, bassist and producer for Alice Cooper, Flo & Eddie, Pops Staples, and Sonia Dada. Erik Scott was an independent producer and composer who released four Award-Winning solo albums including the ZMR 2017 Album of the Year

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